Addressing Racial Stress

The following are resources to help psychologists learn about racial stress and trauma, develop skills and awareness to facilitate work with clients who are Black. It also includes tools to help clinicians address their own racism and biases.


Racial Stress and Mental Health

Dr. Juliette McClendon What is PTSD and how does it differ from racial stress and trauma?
Dr. Juliette McClendon
Dr. Kimberlye Dean*
Addressing Diversity in PTSD Treatment: Disparities in Treatment Engagement and Outcome Among Patients of Color
Dr. Candice Nicole Black Lives Matter Meditations
Association of Black Psychologists Family-Care, Community-Care and Self-Care Tool Kit: Healing in the Face of Cultural Trauma
Loraine Alire Activists of Color Guide to Managing Burnout
Dr. Jessica Graham-LoPresti The Link Between Experiences of Racism and Stress and Anxiety for Black Americans: A Mindfulness and Acceptance-Based Coping Approach
Samantha Janvier Actionable Steps for Therapists (And All Human Beings) In Response to the Racial Pandemic
Dr. Derald Wing Sue Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation

Websites with Many Additional Resources

Alyssa Klein Anti-Racism Resources
Dr. Monnica Williams Racial Trauma & PTSD Reading List (Great list or articles)


Black Lives Matter
Academics for Black Survival and Wellness
Association of Black Psychologists
Black Therapists Rock
The Psychology of Radical Healing Collective

Thank you to the Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology and Dr. Matthew Price for providing many of the resources for this page.