There is a great summer institute sponsored by the American Psychological Association at the University of Virginia. Here is the description from the website:

“This ATI is designed to highlight recent methodological advances in the analysis of longitudinal psychological data using structural equation modeling (SEM). This training is designed for post-graduate level researchers and advanced graduate students and covers a range of topics, including fundamental measurement problems, dealing with incomplete data, and new techniques for dynamic analyses.

Course materials will include basic readings on the fundamental theoretical issues in contemporary longitudinal data analysis. These materials will also include all computer scripts (e.g., AMOS, LISREL, Mplus, Mx) that are used in the practical applications. Participants are encouraged to bring along their own data and research problems, and notebook computers equipped with a SEM software program. Up to 30 faculty members and advanced graduate students will be selected to take part in this ATI. Time will be set aside daily for individual meetings with members of the faculty.”