Suicide and Homicide

A great deal of attention is paid to homicide in our country. I see many more reports of murder in the news media than I do suicide. Very few suicides even make the news media and these reports are hardly ever the focus. It is interesting to note that there are almost...

Risk Assessment

An earlier entry on this page discussed how people make more conservative decisions if they are posed with what they can lose in that decision (as opposed to making riskier choices if they are told what they can gain). Another factor in our decision making process is...


Murray Gell-Mann, a Nobel laureate, has said this about scientists:”The job of a scientist is to generate wrong ideas as fast as possible.”

Science is Difficult

National Science Foundation: Science HardINDIANAPOLIS-The newly discovered ‘Law Of Difficulty’ holds true for all branches of science, from astronomy to molecular biology.