Some say that happiness can be found in the pursuit of goals. That is, happiness is achieved by wanting of things and not in actually having the wanted ‘thing.’

An interesting book that I recently read is “Stumbling on Happiness” by Dan Gilbert. The book is about how what we think makes us happy and what really does make us happy are often two completely different things. Gilbert describes many studies on happiness and memory bias to present his theory on happiness.

Note: Is a great place to find audio books. I find I can read more by listening to books on my iPod–thus, increasing my ‘happiness.’ has a piece on the economics of happiness comparing how much happiness a new PlayStation will buy compared to getting married.

Discover magazine has an article on Martin Seligman’s latest work on happiness training. also has a summary of other findings on happiness.

Is Vanuatu or Denmark the happiest place on earth? It all depends on how you measure happiest.